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Creation, hosting and maintenance. Various sizes and types of web pages available. All include our Automated Marketing Platform. Including our uLumos Customer Relationship Management (uCRM).

Mobile Applications

Android and iOS applications custom designed to meet your specifications. We use our Mobile Application Builder that creates both iOS and Android applications.

Internet of Things

Create hardware and software within a device to communicate with your systems, databases and dashboards.


uLumos will care for, maintain and manage all of your hosted content. Depending on your package we write and post articles for you as well as some advertising.


Combine Mobile Applications and Websites with blockchain as the database to secure sensitive information; for example medical records.

Marketing Automation Platform

Your website integrated with our automatic marketing platform. Connected to uLumos Customer Resource Management, email marketing, appointments, events, E-Commerce automated social media posts, landing pages, advertising, giveaways, coupons and referrals. Your eCommerce connected to Quickbooks or Xera accounting software. uLumos Customer Relationship Management keeps track of your leads and customers. Connects to your website, eCommerce, and mailing list. Displays your sales funnel. Complimentary with every website.

Requirements Workshop An intensive "flow" based workshop

A 15-hour workshop to develop the requirements for your company’s minimum viable product. Spanning an entire weekend, all of your company’s critical employees and stakeholders come to an agreement on the scope of the project, the storyboard, use cases and test cases. All food provided.

The workshop can take place at either our location or your location (within the Denver Metro area otherwise travel expenses apply) $7,000. Online is also available for $5,000.

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